Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Our First Blog - Ever!

Hi Y'all ! And welcome to our first blog!!

We are the WIDYASTANTO'S and we are Dedeq (the oldest sister), Stephanie (The older sister) and myself Chris (the youngest and the most handsome one--> HEY! give me some credit, i started this blog!)

The reason why we started this blog is because our dear sister Stephanie just diagnosed with colon cancer this mid April 2007. We want to make this blog space as our diary to talk about her, our family, her treatment and those dreaded word:CANCER! We will update this blog hopefully every other day to keep you updated with the recent treatment there is out there to beat this son-of-a-bitch called Cancer. PLEASE, feel free to add comments! Maybe you guys can also give us some news on new treatment that is not widely known yet and share it with all of us.

Here's my top 5 list of what do you NEED to do when your doctor tell you that you have cancer:
5) CRY YOUR HEARTS OUT ! ---> Yes folk, there is no crying in baseball, but if your doctor just told you that you have cancer you HAVE to cry. Hey, you just got cancer! You're a human; not a robot!

4) BLAME YOUR PARENTS! ---> Come on'; you know you've been waiting all your life wanting to blame your parents on something. This is maybe your only chance! Study shows that cancer is actually heditary. Therefore, if there's cancer history in your parents or family, do yourself a favor and GET TESTED. Early detection is the best way to beat cancer!

3) DO A MAKEOVER! ---> Change everything that you always want to do in your life and have new perspective in live. Change your wardrobe, your room, hell, even change your boy/girlfriend! Step in with a New You!

2) START A BUSINESS! ---> Now that you have extra time to reflect on your life, think about what you can do best and make money out of it! Think about what other cancer patients may need during this time. Do they need special kind of food? Do they need a special group? Think! Think! There's no better time to start your own business when you down & desperate.

1) RENT OR BUY COMEDY DVD! ---> Ever heard the saying "comedy is the best medicine"? Well it is ! Forget about your cancer and start thinking about those Will&Grace or Golden Girls episodes; especially keep these handy when you undergo chemo. It will keep your mind off things , chemo, and cancer.

Well that's all folks! Hope to see you in the next update!

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