Thursday, May 3, 2007

Gotta Be Strong Before Chemo!


The whole troops - me, my mom, my aunti, my sister and her husband, my nephew and his nanny - went to take me to see 2 doctors yesterday. The internist and the digestive surgeon. They both told me that I should start my chemo ASAP and I should keep eating during chemo. In a way, he told me to "force" myself to eat. Hey, I wonder why.. it turns out that during chemo, I'll be losing my appetite. Hmmm... Make sense. No wonder they kept telling me "eat whatever you want as long as they're clean" so that I have lots of energy for the chemo.

After the doctor announced that I'm allowed to eat whatever, we celebrate a little.
Hahahahahahahaha... For the past 3 days I'd been craving like a mad person for pizza!
So, yesterday after we left the hospital, my auntie took me for a treat at Pizza Hut!
Only me, my mom, and my auntie went dining at Pizza Hut, the rest gotta go pick up my my niece from school. But it was (kinda) fun. Imagine, I ate that pizza slooooowly. Really get the taste of the food just like I've never tasted pizza before. Hey, it's been 3 weeks I only ate that same puree food! Have mercy on me!

Anyway, I actually have a picture of me taking a delicious bite of that pizza and enjoying my new cellular phone I got from my sister. But, poor Stephanie, doesn't really know how to upload the photo - I knew actually, but it's just goddamn slow. Let that picture come up next time I have enough patience. :)


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