Wednesday, May 2, 2007

What Colon Cancer Look Like

Colon on an X-Ray-Red part is the Cancerous

Ask Your Doctor: Colorectal Cancer

( Taken from New York Times Article May 1, 2007)

1) When should I start being screened, how often should I be tested and which test is best for me?

2) Are there colorectal symptoms that should prompt me to see a doctor?

3) How long does it take for the doctor to examine the colon during a colonoscopy? (A recent study indicated that doctors who take fewer than eight minutes are most likely to miss polyps.)

4) Will the doctor provide a written report of my test results in layman's English?

5) How likely will this test give a false-positive result - mistakenly indicating that something is wrong - or a false negative, which fails to diagnose a cancer or precancerous condition?

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