Thursday, August 16, 2007

Lesser White Blood Cells

When I had my 4th chemo a month ago, the doctor told me that my White Blood Cell count was too low. Very low. That low that I had to take extra medication to make my white blood cell a bit higher. The doctor supplied me with 5 injection that I had to do it on my own after I finish with the Xeloda pills. The name of that medication is NEUPOGEN. This thing was injection in 5 different days and in 5 different place of the fatty tissue of my tummy, arm, and leg.

Of course this has side effect. No, duh! all medication have side effects. As for me, the obvious side effect is Headache. I also felt some chills, tho. I thought my headache came from the stress I've had recently. Hey, maybe that one, too. Actually, it really breaks my heart that I want to cry. But leave it. What comes around, goes around. Believe me.
What the hell am I talking about?? Back to Neupogen..

Here's a bit about White blood cells..

White blood cell is part of our immune system and fight infections. So, when the white blood cells is low, I can easily get infections. And what surprise me more is that it is normal because after each chemoteraphy, the white blood cells count begins to fall. When the white blood cells count fall, I could easily feel tired - which I hardly feel it. Some people also say they feel depressed at this time - and this happened to me, which I thought broken heart has something to do with it.

I got some hints to improve my low blood cells:
1. Keep as clean as you can
2. Eat healthy diet - lots of fruits, juice, especially cherry - it's good to improve the low blood cells
3. Make sure any cooked food is properly to kill off bacteria
4. Avoid injury
5. Rest when you feel tired
6. Avoid doing too much acitivity in the middle of each course of chemotherapy, as this is when your blood counts will be lowest and you may be feeling washed out.
7. Be happy!

Confused? Me, too.. :)

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