Sunday, April 29, 2007

Looking forward for Chemo

This is Stephanie speaking (haiyaaaaaaah....) .. one.. two.. three.. hello.. hello..


At this time I really miss yummy food!
With this condition and with lots of foods that I'm not allowed to eat anymore.. it almost kills me. Hey, I'm fine with my cancer. REALLY. My brother wrote, that when the doctor said you got cancer and you should cry out loud. Seriously, I just couldn't cry. What I'm not okey with is the fact that I won't be allowed to eat lots of food. Hey, who doesn't love that Rib Eye Steak?? Who doesn't love that Caramel Ice Cream from Gelatissimo?? And who doesn't love that Iced Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks? Not able to enjoy that, YES, I was going to cry. And the fact that I have to eat vegetables makes it worse!

You know what I'm eating right now..???
No.. no.. no.. even worse than baby food. Even Gerber is much better! Even Marie biscuit with hot milk is better!
Everything must be puree. I can eat mashed potatoes, but they keep making me porridge - I won't be surprise if the 3 bears starting to mess up my mom's kitchen looking for their tastelss porridge.

Before the chemo start, according to my mom - which she said according to the doctor (god knows who which doctor), I should not eat meat and any sugary thing. Why??
Because, apparently, cancer looooove meat and sugary thing. And to avoid from the cancer to increase in my beautiful body, I should avoid that for awhile. But once the chemo starts, I can eat anything I want including ice cream, meat. Why (again)? because it's easier for the chemo to kill the cancer.

Ah, well.. looking forward the for Chemo to start so I can enjoy eating yummy food!
Once the chemo start, I'm gonna get that Caramel ice cream.. spaghetti.. what else..? Hmm.. that's all I'm dying for right now.. But I don't mind getting tempe bacem..

Anyway, why don't I go back resting. I'll update you (if I'm inspired to write) with more news from me. If not, let my brother do the talking..

See y'all!


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Anonymous said...

Ms Steph...
Get well soon yaaa...
You're one of the strongest women I've met in my life.. (not that I've met many women in my life since i'm just 16!!)..
well, I know you're very strong, and you're stronger than the cancer.. so fight it!!
and again, kita orang batak yaa,selalu kuat dong!!
oh, and to make you feel a bit better, starbucks is not as good as it used to!!hehe..

love you alwayz Ms Steph..

Shantell said...

People should read this.