Friday, May 25, 2007

Me & My friends

Just this Friday, May 25th, my friends came to my house to hang out.
That was fun.. lots of gossiping.. eating pizza..
They're my friends from my previous school - not that I'm still going to school, helooow..

Nothing much we talked about, tho.. But when we're together we feel like sisters, if not we could punch one another.. hahahahaha. But we can't just get enough of talking about our bosses.

So, there's food, cable TV that people hardly pay attention to, and gossip here and there with every personality complete in our friendship.. We've got the one who has a particular leisure activity of sending dirty emails, one who like to comment on everything (basically, we comment on everything), one who's always hungry all the time, one who cannot leave home without her hair rollers, one who's trying so hard to be funny.. Well, basically, everything!

What's the most important thing here is that they (or better say "we") always be there for one another - especially when it comes to FOOD!

There's not much I can say about them, except that I'm very greatful that I know them and they've always been very supportive to me at this moment of my life. In sickness and health, good times bad times, thick and thin.. No matter what happen, we always have things to laugh on even when we're at our lowest part in our life..

Here are the pictures we just took on Friday .. Some of them are not there.. next time I'll get the full picture with the whole gang!

- stephanie-

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