Saturday, May 26, 2007

New Haircut!

Just before I'm getting my second chemo next week (Friday, 1st June 2007), I'm getting a new haircut - thanks to my sister (again) for treating (again) this fancy haircut.

Before I went to the hair salon, I was thinking of getting my hair really really short! Like Demi Moore in Ghost, not like Dudley Moore in Foul Play :D
But then, the stylist, which happen to be the owner of the hair salon, did not recommend that such short hair since he didn't want me to get a shock of my life. I thought,'what the f*$k?? It's my hair..!'I'm the one who should be in shock later if I go bald. Imagine if one day I brush my hair and all of a sudden my hair fall out. Then the stylist told me one thing that I didn't think of: ENJOY YOUR HAIR!

Why should you cut your hair really short like you're sure that you're going to go bald tomorrow?
Why not enjoy what you have now: Full Hair - Hey, you're just on your 1st chemo. So, take it easy..!

And all that.. I didn't think of. So, I said "Go ahead. Do whatever you want to my hair, but make that quick" As if he's listening to me at that time. What I thought it would take around 30 minutes to get a haircut, it ended up 3.5 hours! He used something to straighten my bang (I usually have a "crown" along with my bang.). He didn't cut my hair too short, but he make it a bit lighter. But all that waiting for 3.5 hours was worth it!


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