Saturday, August 4, 2007

3 More Chemo To Go..

It's been 4 months since my first chemo, and on August I'll be getting my 5th chemo.
In Bahasa we'd say: Gak Kerasa (Can hardly feel it)
Yes, I could hardly feel it. The nausea was quickly gone as well. Except the numbness on my hand, this time it took about a week for it to be gone. Hugh!

After the 3rd chemo, I've been driving everywhere. Work.. party.. shopping.. or just killing time round around Jakarta.
I was back with my overly active life. Hahahaahhahahaa... And from that time, nobody can stop me. Including my mom, isn't that amazing..???

But really, my condition is not bad at all. No hair loss, too. I hardly feel tired. I just do whatever I normally do.

Nothing to tell much, though. Except that now I'm working at different school - BTW, I just resigned about a month ago, and in less then a week I gotta phone call from other school and they wanted me to be their librarian. So, this summer I only had a week of vacation. *sigh*
Salary wise, well.. it's much lower than my previous school. But I can cope with it. I still have my piano students and I still make my millions.. Hahahahahaaha...

Another good news is that my handsome brother is finally home. Home is now so much different with him around. Sometimes I feel happy to have a "personal driver" around. He'd drive whenever I tell him to. Hahahaha.. What's a brother for, heh??

Anyway, nothing much change during my chemo. This magic drug really works on me very well that I don't feel a thing. Well, except every first three days after the Oxaliplatin is injected.

With the cancer I have, I could only ask God for cure. But then nobody's perfect. Just like anyone else, I ask for something else. A complete family of my own - apart from the family I have now. Hey, you know what I mean. Just be real. I need to settle down, too, you know.

Ah, well.. let you know with more news from me..

BTW, here are some pictures taken after the 4th chemo. Right hand was still numb, but there's no day without style and being chic! Hey, you may have stage 3 cancer, but you still gotta look good..! First picture is my brother - handsome, heh? He just got braces on as well. Second pic is of course, me! Third pic is me and my pretty cousin - I wouldn't even call her my cousin, she's my baby sister!. The last one was with my friends from Syracuse University.

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