Thursday, June 7, 2007

2nd Chemo

I survived the 1st chemo!
Now I just passed the 1st week of the 2nd chemo.
Not bad at all..

As soon as the Oxaliplatin infusion was done, my hands was a bit numb. I thought my hands were paralyzed. So, I put my hands under the warm water, and it turns out that it's just the little side effect of the chemo. I was ready to go home - well, at that time to the hotel, that is.

The nausea feeling was there and it was pretty bad. I couldn't even swallow anything except water. Just like the first chemo, all fluids tasted cold on my tounge. I remembered back to the first chemo, the nausea lasted for 3 days. The whole nausea thing was over by Monday night!
Finally, I could swalllow that meatball soup.

Ah well.. Back to work..


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