Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fight the damn cancer..

It is actually easy to fight for cancer. Not hard at all. Really!
What's hard is the temptation.

We know already that there are 3 obvious risk factors for getting colorectal cancer which includes:
1. Age
2. Family Medical History
3. Your own medical history

However, there are other risk factors that we know already but often ignored. Start with the easy one..

1. Food - yes, baby.. FOOD! Alert: your chances of getting colon cancer is higher if your diet is high in calories, protein, fat (animal fat that is) and low in calcium. How about those protein powder and the rest..? Let's give it a rest, eh? Unless if you're ready to have bumps on your colon.

2. Smoke. Quit now before you regret it. I regret I didn't quit last year. I quit on February 28, 2007. Right on Ash Wednesday. Well, did not exactly quit. More like a break (fasting) from cigarettes for 40 days (until Easter) because of some religious reason. During the break I did smoke..4 times I guess, but after that I haven't smoked again. Can you call it quit? Yeah.. I quit. I quit even before I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer stage 3. But studies shows that smokers have greater chance of getting colorectal cancer.

3. Exercise. Hey, exercise is good you know.. do it now! Once you get the disease you'd need more time for your body (i.e. not too tired). Do whatever exercise you like, but start NOW. I love Body Combat and Tae Bo and I used to do it 3 to 4 times a week. Now that I need more time for my body, I need to reduce those exercise. Of course I'm still allowed to do exercise, but not as much as before.

4. Your weight. We watch our weight from time to time. Most of the time we're scared of gaining even an ounce. And true, if you're overweight you're most likely to get colorectal cancer. Before we believed that if we're overweight we would likely to get heart disease because of the fats that cover the heart. Well, not anymore. It's either you get both or one of them. But don't you just love it if you're on the right proportion? Having extra fat in the waist area is a greater risk than having extra fat in the hips or thighs.

5. Alcohol. Hey.. do I need to give comments on this one, too..??

Have a good day everybody.. I'm going on vacation!

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