Saturday, February 16, 2008

Eat Your Greens! Eeeeewwwww...!!

Ever since I'm on the green, I've been experimenting my own food.
And since I don't eat animal products and processed food (cooked, canned), I ONLY eat raw food (sushi and sashimi are acceptable). Sometimes I do eat cooked food, fried food (not too much..), steamed food. The thing is, I'm trying not to eat any of animal products (including chicken, fish) because they can turns to be a carrion. Even if you cook them, they turn to be a carrion. Why sushi and sashimi are acceptable, that's because even if they can turn to be a carrion they can still be eaten raw. But stop there first!
Here are some other food that I allow myself to eat. Hope it's useful for you (if you wish to be on a diet, that is). Think of it as food for beauty, not for healing cancer.


  • All kinds of vegetables and fruits (no restriction on this, but I don't allow myself to eat the heavenly food: durian). Raw is much better than steam, cooked.. Point is, eat raw! Hey, you can even drink sugarcane juice, too!
  • Sushi and sashimi. Je prefere sashimi, tho, because it's raw. And I like salmon sashimi. Salmon gives you lotsa energy. But only consume this raw meat once a week. Your tummy is not an aquarium nor a zoo.
  • Spice up your greens. Add soba noodles. Soba is made of wheat. Yes, it's a processed food, but it's the only one you can eat. No starch. Add this to your salad. Just a bit, don't use the soup, tho.
  • You can eat Tofu and Tempeh (no, duh! of course!!). But you wouldn't want to eat them raw. I like fried tempeh, and I only fried the tempeh with olive oil (if I no choice), but mostly with coconut oil. I don't look at the healthiness aspect. Hee.. hee.. Oops..! But when you cook your food with coconut oil, it smells so damn good. After that, your tempeh will have this crunchy taste. For tofu, ah.. just make soup. Hardly deal with tofu. My mom likes to make tofu soup, whatever-the-heck- tofu. For me, I like tofu with lots of chili. Especially the one from that Korean resto, Soon Dubu Chige. If my tofu doesn't come like that, then forget it.
  • Your food needs dressing. Naked food just so not hip. Use Italian dressing or French dressing. If you don't have both, use Olive oil. Keep Olive Oil and coconut oil handy. You can use them for cooking and as a salad dressing.
  • Keep away from milk. Milk is from animals. Substitute milk with Soy Milk. However, you have to pay attention to what kind of soy milk you're getting. Only unsweetened soy milk or soy milk that is made with sugarcane.
  • Can eat plain unsweetened yoghurt. Even though they're actually come from milk, they're actually rotten milk which is good for your health. Avoid flavored yoghurt because they contain sugar. I already say bye bye, adios, sayonara to those flavored yoghurt. If you don't like that plain unsweetened yoghurt, mixed them with your favorite fruits. I sometimes mix my plain yucky yoghurt with oat bran. Oat bran is your fibre source and it's made of.. oat. I eat my oat bran with warm soy milk. Taste like feet, but it's better than nothing because any kind of cereal is a no-no. Cereal has lots lots lots of sugar. So, no cereal!

  1. Meat - including chicken, fish (except sushi or sashimi). Why? they can turn to be carrion, remember..??
  2. Any animal products. Think.. think.. think! That means, no milk, no cake, no ice cream. Well, use your thinking cap, man! Dairy products, eggs.. they're a no-no.
  3. Starch
  4. Bread. Surprise?? Me, too! Bread is processed food. How about wheat bread? Sorry, man. Same thing. Lots of process going on to become bread.
  5. Noodles. Say good bye to Top Ramen! You, darling, can only eat soba with restriction.
  6. Alcohol drinks
  7. Sodas
  8. Coffee, tea,
  9. SUGAR. You really have to read the labels on anything you're about to consume. If it has the word sugar in it, then drop it.
Actually, it is easy to remember:
No processed food and drinks,
no animal products,
no sugar.

Here's a glimpse of my first, I call it, half-vegan food.
I call this:

Nina's fresh cancer free salad

You need:

  1. Lettuce
  2. Tomato
  3. Soba (not to soggy after you cook them), and don't use the whole soba from the plastic. 1 plastic soba can last with 10-15 salad.
  4. Smoked salmon
  5. Eno mushroom. Just a little bit, and fried them with olive oil. After you cook them, drain the oil down until the mushroom gets really really dry.
  6. Cucumber
Toss them in a large bowl, and pour olive oil to suit your taste. Add a pinch of black pepper, and you're ready to eat. Keep them in your frigo, and you can have the salad for dinner as well!

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