Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bald with Bling!

Wednesday, April 16, I've experienced my first hair loss.
I was in between shock and flat feeling. Well, shock first. But then I told my self to calm down, and take a shower. Stupid me, I even washed my hair. Goodness Lord! It was more on my hand.
What the heck.. shower anyway. They day went just fine, till the end of the day at work where I noticed lots of hair on the floor.
I was hoping that the hair loss wouldn't be too severe. But I heard that since I took Oxaliplatin before, and I didn't have any hair loss, so maybe the drug said: Pay Back Time!!
Oh crap..!
Well, at least I already prepared myself. After family picture taking 2 weeks ago, I cut my hair short. In a way I was preparing not only myself, but also friends and family. I thought that they're the one who have to be prepared looking at me with different hairstyle.
So, this short hair last exactly 2 weeks.
Just last Sunday, April 20, I shaved it off. BALD. I was not ready to see bald patches around my head (So as Jace from planetcancer)
I reject wigs. My friends, aunties, even mom told me to wear wig. But I think they look fake. So I decided to wear scarf around my head. Look much better.

My first show of bald with bling to public was yesterday. I wore batik scarf around my head, and it looked good! Too bad I didn't take picture with that thing on my head.

But you know what.. I just noticed that not only the hair on my head that falls out, but also some other parts.. you know what I mean..? hhahaaha.. At least I don't need to do bikini wax for awhile. It's clean on its own! hahahahaha...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie,

Ur courage is very admirable. God bless u...

Umi Proboyekti said...

You give me goose bump because of your true spirit. I am speechless in my adoration to you. When we met in person, I just thought that your a beautiful lady, but I just realized that you're amazing beautiful lady with a true spirit inside. Your bling made you shine inside out.
... [ my speechless]